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Safe consulting

  • Development of safety analyzes
  • Development of declarations of conformity for technical systems

The protection of our environment affects more than ever, each one of us.
Labor protection includes the protection of employees from job-specific hazards.
Both to improve is our concern.

UST implements customized advice and assistance to businesses in various industries. UST management systems are individually optimized and apply to the fields of environmental- , health- and safety- and energy management.

Our holistic customer care begins at the on-site analysis, helps with the creation of required documents, offers a moderation and implementation of new management methods and extends to the successful certification and the subsequent maintenance and development of management systems.

UST consults companies as a certified and authorized external expert. We deliver services of authorized representative (Waste Management Officer, Environmental Officer, fault officer, occupational health and safety, safety and health coordinator (HSC) on construction sites and fire protection.

Occupational Safety - Environment

We offer development, implementation, maintenance and optimization of management systems including preparation of all required documents (if desired) and implementation in the IT system 

Further we conduct auditing of management systems, assessment of conformity with respect to regulatory requirements and assessment of efficiency and performance of management systems. 


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