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water is life and life is precious.

For a long life

Your investment in modern technology should pay off. The service life of technical equipment must be designed for as long as possible.

Water can be a problem - but it does not!

A high degree of hardness of the water is a widespread problem. In the water, alkaline earth calcium and magnesium cations enhance the natural hardness of the water, and causing sediments on hot water pipes and household appliances. This results in permanent damage of technical appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine, etc.).

A reduction in the degree of water hardness therefore prolongs the lifetime of technical devices and decisive saves on the other hand costs by unnecessarily increased energy demand and replacing clogged lines. For optimum water purification UST offers several

technologies for individually optimally adapted solution.

In order to solve problems quickly selecting the appropriate approach is always based on individual case studies and more precise water testing. In terms of cost optimization, mobile devices for ion exchange, reverse osmosis and precipitation can be dimensioned and installed as required.


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