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Safe water for healthy life

Water shortage is one of our most pressing problems on Earth. More than 1 billion people worldwide have no access to drinking water. A respectful and responsible use of the life-giving element that is essential for the future of life. 

UST takes over the coordination and implementation of complex projects for conserving water treatment and supply. The sustainable use of local water resources and the combination with qualitative treatment or treatment of water in very different living and working areas are core focus. Through the efficient supply of renewable energy the UST technical systems are self-sufficient and durable.

UST offers creative solutions with the use of innovative techniques for a cost-optimized and sustainable result. Our proven technical products and services are reliably and successfully used in the areas of drinking water, process water and waste water for years.

current projects

Training of local technical staff and students

For further development of local specialists UST and its partner IKE provide training courses and workshops as well as development of technical curricula. In cooperation with DWA, UST offers the participation in the Young Water Professional Program to interested students of local partner institutions.

Integrated water resource management in developing countries

To ensure a careful use of natural groundwater resources, UST develops closely with its local partners detailed water management systems and locally adapted groundwater monitoring systems.

Safe supply of clean drinking water in developing countries

To improve the world's water supply in developing countries, UST develops individually optimized solutions. Herewith local infrastructure will be further developed, improved or renewed to address problems such as bacterial contamination of drinking water, salinization of groundwater, leaks in pipes, water supply management, water storage, rain harvesting, etc..


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