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UST-GmbH Gera, with the support of its partners and employees, sees itself as …


UST-GmbH Gera, with the support of its partners and employees, sees itself as …

Development goals

UST GmbH Gera is oriented towards the future …


UST GmbH Gera is oriented towards the future.

UST GmbH Gera is oriented towards the future. We pursue our goals and constantly aim to develop ourselves and our areas of work. In the many years since UST GmbH Gera was founded, we have often sought and pursued new paths. In the recent past, we have gained young and very talented employees who will shape our age succession. While the first generation employees are approaching retirement in the next few years, they are passing on their knowledge and experience to the young forces. The symbiosis of both generations created a creative environment in which a number of new ideas have already been conceived.

Current developments in water disinfection

To make using our PURE Water water purification systems even more environmentally friendly, we now use completely biodegradable packaging materials for our systems. With ULTRA V, a new product line was developed in 2018 that addresses the individual requirements of industrial customers. For the systems of the future, UST is already working on water disinfection systems with environmentally friendly UVC LED lamps.

Expansion of the UST GmbH advisory team

Our goal is to be able to offer our customers a contact person at all times, also for special topics. Therefore, we will be expanding our advisory team from currently two to five employees in the future. It is important to us that a competent advisor is available to you as quickly as possible.

Expansion of the team for expert appraisals and technical support

The expansion of our team for expert appraisals and the technical monitoring of damage cases is very important to us. Our goal is to become the first point of contact in central Germany for these topics. We are specifically geared towards expanding our professional competencies with a focus on hydrology and pollutant analysis. It is always important for us to pursue our development goals. We want to remain flexible and competent in our commitment to environmental protection in companies in the future. Only with ecologically clean and sustainable methods do we ensure the continued existence of our own environment and health.


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