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UST-GmbH Gera, with the support of its partners and employees, sees itself as …


UST-GmbH Gera, with the support of its partners and employees, sees itself as …


We strengthen our essence core as a link by increasing its importance.

UST GmbH Gera would like to strengthen and constantly develop its role as a link between man and the environment for its customers for the following business areas:

  • Production of UVC water disinfection systems
  • Advice on environmental protection and quality management
  • Expert opinions on pollutants and remediation of contaminated sites during flood protection

Many years of experience in environmental protection

Benefit from our many years of experience in the areas of environmental protection, quality management and preparation for ISO certification. Count on a partner who takes care of environmental protection in your company. Trust in our professional competence and realise your goals with our assistance. We are at your side and ensure the implementation of all planned projects with the best of our knowledge and energy.

Production of UVC water disinfection systems

With the production of water disinfection systems based on ultraviolet radiation and ozone, we are contributing to the replacement of chemicals in water disinfection as far as possible. This way, we counteract environmental pollution and the formation of resistant germs. Our claim is to produce the best UVC water disinfection systems of this kind. They have excellent quality, high efficiency and are easy to use. With the PURE Water systems, we inspire our private users and show that environmental protection is possible with improved properties at the same time. Water treated with PURE Water is safely freed from germs without any changes in taste or odour. Since 2018, UST has been manufacturing ULTRA V custom-fit solutions for disinfecting water in cooling circuits, sprinkler systems, animal husbandry and other commercial water systems.

Advice on environmental protection, occupational safety, quality management and much more.

UST GmbH has been supporting companies for many years in the implementation of standards, the development of work processes for environmental protection and in the processes for maintaining and developing quality assurance. In the future, we would like to significantly expand our expertise in this area. By selectively strengthening our team, we will be able to offer our customers support in all central fields, of environmental protection and quality management at any time.

Expert appraisals in the event of damage involving environmental pollution, contaminated sites and flood protection

Since the 1990s, the UST GmbH team has been involved in the sampling and analysis of pollutants and the removal of contaminated sites in building demolition and damage cases. Furthermore, a broad knowledge base was created in the field of water and flood protection. UST GmbH Gera would like to be the first point of contact in Central Germany in these areas.

Development goals

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