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UST-GmbH Gera, with the support of its partners and employees, sees itself as …


For us, it points the way forward for our future development.

UST-GmbH Gera, with the support of its partners and employees, sees itself as a link between people and the environment. With high demands on ourselves, we want to live up to our vision, both internally and externally:

  • Water disinfection without chemicals
  • Occupational safety, environmental protection and quality management
  • Expert appraisals and technical support in cases of damage

Water disinfection without chemicals

Water disinfection is playing a major role at present and will continue to do so in the future. Our task is to be able to perform water disinfection without the use of chemicals. We offer professional solutions for this. Using our water disinfection systems based on ultraviolet radiation and ozone, water disinfection is possible without chemicals. We manufacture these systems ourselves and thus make a major contribution towards completely replacing chemicals in water disinfection.

Environmental protection and quality management

Advice on environmental and quality management is also one of our main tasks. We help you to assemble quality management systems, provide specialists to accept the tasks of an environmental protection officer (EPO) and advise you on issues relating to emission control and hazardous substances. You will also prepare for ISO 90001 and ISO 14001 and SCC.

Pollutant appraisals, technical support for remediation of contaminated sites and drinking water analyses

In the field of expert appraisals, we offer expert technical support with our many years of experience in the elimination of environmental damage, the preparation and implementation of remediation concepts, contaminated site investigations, the development of cadastre databases and the preparation of expert appraisals on the occurrence of pollutants, e.g. Asbestos, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), heavy metals. As a basis for the following remediation measures, we offer an exact damage assessment through targeted explorations. In addition, we manage and monitor the remediation measures and prepare comprehensive damage assessments.

UST GmbH Environmental protection in Gera

We are your competent contact in Central Germany for all questions relating to management systems for environmental protection. UST GmbH will support you in the event of an environmental hazard or groundwater pollution. We accompany you in an advisory capacity during the implementation of remediation measures and prepare damage assessments. Trust in our many years of experience in setting up management systems.

“Ultraviolet light also has a germicidal effect” and “There is little experience about its use in waterworks. it says, among other things, in the 4th edition of the definitive work “Water Treatment” by Klaus Hancke ...

On the other hand, the effect of ultraviolet radiation (UV) is well known: As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the Austrian doctor Gustav Kaiser registered the first positive experiences in the medical field with artificial UV radiation. From experiments he concluded that this had a germicidal effect (wikipedia).


UST-GmbH Gera, with the support of its partners and employees, sees itself as …

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