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An effective method for optimising disinfection.

Water disinfection by ozone disinfection uses the oxidising property of ozone against micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. Ozone is the strongest oxidant that can be used in water disinfection. The aggressive form of oxygen has proven itself against all germs and micro-organisms in the treatment of drinking and process water. In addition, ozone disinfection has clear advantages over the conventional and frequently used chlorine disinfection of water. This type of water disinfection also decomposes other substances that react with oxygen. These include all humic substances, organic substances, pesticides, cyanides, phenols, or even gases such as hydrogen sulphide.

Water disinfection through ozone disinfection

Through a combination of UV irradiation and ozone disinfection, our systems can be used for water disinfection in larger pools, swimming pools, ponds and other waste water contaminated with dirt. While largely clear water is well disinfected with UVC rays, particles in the water weaken the rays and reduce their effectiveness. Turbid water in particular is disinfected by irradiating UV light and ozone, without chlorine or other chemicals. Pathogenic micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs, are killed or inactivated.

Water disinfection in ponds using ozone

For the water treatment of ponds with a high biological input, a combination of UVC irradiation and ozone has proven successful. We developed the PURE O3 LP water disinfection system specifically for these requirements in 2016. Our water disinfection systems are quality products that are assembled from high-quality components in Gera.

Features of the PURE O3 / PURE O3 LP ozone water purification system

  • German quality product
  • Use of exclusively high-quality materials
  • Developed and manufactured by UST GmbH in Gera
  • High efficiency of the disinfection effect
  • UVC radiation supported by ozone
  • Practical unit design (mounted on stainless steel frame)
  • Variable ozone control by optical flow meter
  • LED control and operating hours counter as standard
  • Complete disinfection without chlorates

How does ozone disinfection work exactly?

We are your point of contact for all questions on the subject of ozone disinfection, UV irradiation and UVC water treatment. With our many years of experience in the field of drinking water treatment, we are happy to provide you with advice and support.

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