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Pure water for healthy living

Together with partner Boreal Light GmbH, UST is supplying complete drinking water treatment systems for 3 hospitals in Mombasa.

Kenya's second largest city, Mombasa, is home to more than 1.2 million people. There is no functioning water and sanitation supply, not even for the main local hospitals. The three most important hospitals in Mombasa therefore receive support from Germany. With drinking water treatment plants from Boreal Light GmbH, which are operated with UV systems from UST, up to 2,000 people can be supplied with purified and clean drinking water in the future. In addition, the wastewater is treated by ozone systems manufactured by UST. The aim is to prevent the escape of hospital germs and to reduce the contamination of wastewater by pharmaceutical products. All systems are powered entirely by solar electricity. The turbines were shipped in November 2020 and will be installed in spring 2021.

Drinking water kiosks in Arusha

As part of a partnership with the “Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” [“German Society for International Cooperation”] (GIZ), 7 water kiosks in the city area were equipped with UST UVC systems in 2018. The groundwater in the region is polluted in many ways.

One of the biggest problems has been addressed by the local company Gongali Model Ltd (https://gongalimodel.com/). In a multi-stage but very cost-effective filtering process, the high concentrations of fluoride are removed from the water. Regular ingestion of fluoride at concentrations above 4mg/l, as is present in many places in Arusha, leads to bone disease with severe deformities of the limbs and head. The filtered water is bottled as drinking water and sold very cheaply in the now more than 60 kiosks under the name “Nanofilter”.

Salome Dreessen and Thomas Neumann installed the PURE D in 7 kiosks in October and November 2018 to finally disinfect the filtered water. This purifies the water of bacterial and viral pathogens, such as Vibrio Cholerae (cholera) and norovirus, before it is bottled. In order to maintain the self-sufficient function of the kiosks, the energy supply of the PURE D is made possible with a small PV module. The project continued in 2019, with more kiosks being equipped with PURE D and solar energy.



Drinking water well in Zanzibar

Water scarcity is one of our most pressing problems on earth. More than 1 billion people worldwide have no access to drinking water. A respectful and responsible approach to this life-giving element is the prerequisite for the future of life.
UST is responsible for the coordination and implementation of complex projects for low-impact and sustainable water treatment and supply. The focus here is on the qualitative treatment of water in a wide variety of living and working environments. Thanks to the efficient supply of renewable energies, the technical solutions are self-sufficient and can be used in the long term.
UST offers creative solutions using innovative techniques for a cost-optimised and sustainable result. Our proven solutions have been used reliably and successfully for years in the areas of drinking water, process water and wastewater.


Training of local professionals and students
For the further training of local professionals, UST and its partner IKE offer training courses and workshops as well as the development of internal curricula.
With the support of DWA, UST offers interested students from developing countries the opportunity to participate in DWA's Young Water Professional Programme.


Safe drinking water supply in developing countries
UST is developing customised solutions to improve the global water supply in developing countries.
This way, local infrastructures are further developed, improved or newly constructed to counter problems such as germ contamination of drinking water, salinisation of groundwater, leaks in pipes, water supply, water storage, etc. The project is also aimed at improving the quality of the water supply.


Mustafa Garu, Director General of the Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA)
“Since 2015, our authority has been using UST's “PURE plants” in Zanzibar to ensure drinking water supply for the population. Three high-volume “Pure 2.4” systems were connected and have been used continuously since then. 20 m³ of clean drinking water are supplied every hour.”

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PURE UVC systems

Ready-to-ship water disinfection for drinking water wells, swimming pools & pond systems

ULTRA V – UVC systems

Order-specific water disinfection for cooling technology, the food industry, sewage treatment plants, drinking water treatment