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UV Disinfection

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Highly effective against all micro-organisms

The way UV disinfection works is based on ultraviolet light in the wavelength range from 180 to 280 nanometres (nm). This has the effect of reducing germs. During UV disinfection, the cell structure of bacteria, viruses, algae and other micro-organisms is permanently damaged by UVC radiation. The genetic material (DNA) is changed in such a way that the reproduction of the micro-organisms is damaged and they thus die. The UVC lamps used in our UVC systems radiate in the optimum wavelength range of 254 nm. UV disinfection takes place in fractions of a second. There is no need for long dwell times for this process. UVC radiation has proven to be an environmentally and health-friendly alternative to water disinfection using chemicals. We, the company UST Umwelt-Systemtechnik GmbH Gera, have been using this technology optimally in our UVC systems for 15 years now.

How a UVC lamp works

As the name suggests, UVC lamps are installed in UVC systems. These produce light in the C range of ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is used to disinfect water, air and surfaces. In our case, we are concentrating on water disinfection with our UVC systems. Due to the reaction speed, microbes are inactivated within fractions of a second. This is a widespread method, especially in drinking water treatment. Depending on the dose, the UVC lamp reliably and significantly reduces the number of germs in the water. The addition of chemicals is not necessary when using our UVC systems. The taste, smell and or pH value of the water is not affected.

UV filters for drinking water treatment

Within homes, one often speaks of the UVC filter or just the UV filter. The way it works and functions is the same here. The UVC lamp should be changed 1 x per year to maintain the disinfection performance at a continuously high level. The operating pressure for all UVC systems is max. 6 bar. On the PURE 1.0 UVC system even 10 bar.

UV disinfection in Gera

If you have any questions about UV disinfection, UV filters and UVC water treatment, we are your point of contact. Trust in our many years of experience in the field of drinking water treatment. We are at your disposal with advice and assistance for all concerns regarding the treatment of industrial and process water.

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